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The Migration of the "Lost 10 Tribes" of Israel


The descendants of Odin in Britain.

The migration of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel shows the spread of the Birthright throughout what is now Europe, Great Britain and Northern Africa.

This major migration took around 1200 years, it started in 721 BCE and covered the Middle East, all of Europe and North Africa.

Starting in 721 BCE the Tribes of Israel moved north east through Assyria to Parthia, where they settled for some 900 years.

Around 200 CE the major movements occurred north west across Europe to what it now the northern parts of the Netherlands and Germany. The tribes moved in Europe for the next two to three centuries.

Between 400 and 500 CE the migration moved north into Scandanavia which was the home of the Finns who were part of the Magyar or Hun horde which had invaded Europe 1200 years before. Migration to the west was into Britain with it's Angles, Saxons and Jutes. To the south east the Lombards (sub tribe of the Anglo Saxons) and Ostrogoths migrated into what is now Italy. At the same time there was also movement to south west through Iberia. The Suevi settled in what is now Portugal and the Visigoths into what is now Spain displacing the Vandals who moved into northern Africa to a revolt there. The Heruli (the most unstable of all the tribes) moved into Dalmatia and what is now Croatia.

The Allemanni Teutons also moved into Switzerland.

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