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A walk through time with Abraham's Descendants


2000 BC

Abraham Born

  Birth of Abraham around 1996 BCE. See the biography of Abraham
  Abraham's family tree

1000 BC

  Two Separate Nations the formation of Israel as a nation
  The Two Nations, Israel and Judah, are taken into captivity

721 BC

Birthright was withheld for the next 2,520 years

  Withholding of the Birthright
  The Migration of the Tribes of Israel across Europe and North America
  Promises made
  Abraham's wanderings
  Genealogy of the 2 promises
  Kingdom under Solomon
  3 Overturnings
  Israel in the Isles
  Sceptre Promises
  Jacob's Pillar Stone

1800 AD

Birthright Restored after 2,520 years

  Joseph inherits the Birthright
  Identifying signs
  Losing the Birthright


On the path to destruction

  National destruction!

Christ's return

  Saved from Captivity again!