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Christian Identity and Christian Militia disclaimed and debunked

Many pseudo-academics from all sides of the spectrum use and misuse the work of CCG to prove pet theories and many engage in libel and defamation in falsely associating CCG and the work done there on the History of Nations as some sort of incoherent British Israelite Theory based on Racism and anti-Semitism. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Some of those sites are run by people who deliberately misrepresent the actual position and try to discredit the work done by CCG in explaining the true History of Nations in accordance with the known DNA discoveries.
To enable people to understand the actual CCG position the following are listed as statements of fact.
  1. CCG does NOT, and will not, permit Racism or anti-Semitism in any of its churches or national or international groups. CCG is a functioning multi-racial organisation.
  2. CCG does NOT teach that the Anglo-Saxon people are exclusively Israelite people.
  3. CCG does NOT teach that the Jewish people are all Khazars and are not Jews at all.
  4. CCG does NOT teach that there are two lines of creation in justification of a racist ideology peddled by white supremacy movements in the USA or elsewhere.
  5. CCG does NOT endorse such arguments by such movements nor by those who misrepresent our position to discredit us or our work on the identification of the nations. Evolutionists are particularly despicable in such misrepresentation.
  6. CCG does NOT endorse or support any fundamentalist extremist organisation particularly those of the fundamentalist Islamic system. 
  7. CCG does NOT preach violence or hate of any sort and rejects such views as portrayed on internet hate sites particularly under the guise of "Freedom of Speech" within the USA.
CCG holds the following views to be proven scientific and biblical truth:
  1. The entire human race comes from one ancestor whom we understand as the Biblical Adam. All the YDNA links from YDNA Haplogroup A to R and all subsequent divisions are from one common ancestor.
  2. All female or mtDNA Haplogroups are all derived from the mtDNA Haplogoup L which we understand as being from one female whom we identify as the biblical Eve. Science identifies her as the African female ancestor of all humans because the original mtDNA Hg. L is found in Africa among black females.
  3. Scientific investigation has proven that the people within the religion called Judaism are of various ethnic DNA backgrounds and less than one third are actually Semitic. The cultural group known as the nation of Judah is a growing composite of all the sons of Noah through Shem, Ham and Japheth.
  4. The Anglo-Saxon people are a composite which are predominantly a Japhethite people spread over many nations. Within those nations throughout the Europeans are found a large minority of Haplogroup I in its many subclades or subdivisions. CCG has proven this group to be the original Semitic line of the Hebrews. Science has now proven that to be true based on the links at S2 and S22. Evolutionists have tried to dismiss the importance of this discovery by labelling Hg. I as Proto-Semitic and backdating the finds to 30,000 BCE which is clearly unbiblical, and historically wrong.
  5. CCG believes that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that Scripture cannot be broken.
  6. CCG teaches against the Religion of Evolution and for that reason is attacked and defamed as  a cult in spite of its open and democratic process. Many of these people pose as being religious and use our very tolerance against us. So also we are attacked by the racists in the USA because of our writings debunking their theories. 
  7. CCG teaches that all men are to be called to repentance and into the body of Christ. This structure will become the nation of Israel under the twelve tribes governed by the apostles and the church. It will run the planet for over 1000 years under Messiah from Jerusalem at his return as our soon coming king. We will all be one people under God.
We refer the reader to the papers Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265) and also to the Sons of Shem and the Sons of Ham and the Sons of Japheth on the web sites at and the History of Nations at, and also